We are proud to invite you to our new Rare Collectibles gallery containing selected works of Art available now for collecting:


We will be doing free NFT airdrops to all the people that have helped to build our online community and keep on doing so over 20+ years here.

Lee Scratch Perry was one of our mentors and one of the first musicians to mint his own NFT before he went, he was a futurist and believe in the power of the Artist to engage, build and create leaving a much more peaceful and united world through innovation and evolution.

For NFT and the Artworld now the only way is up!!

This picture is one of our best moments with the master of analog dub and producer of legendary Bob Marley among many others.

Limited to 1000 copies! Grab yours quickly and be part of the family!

CLICK HERE TO GO TO NFT PAGE (or on the photo below)


The search for reliable platforms hosting NFTs in the long termcan be problematic as these precious assets created on the blockchain are only stored online as files. If the website hosting the NFTs goes down or vanishes, your precious assets could also prove impossible to recover or trade.

For over 20 years, SoundBringer has built a platform that is both reliable and trustworthy.

We have a huge collection of collectible Artworks coming to this platform and this will help fund our so far altruistic and free offering of Multimedia Art.

So if you are wondering where to explore a large collection of original Art that will not go away as long as the internet is kept alive, this should be the place!

Have fun and keep your vibrations high! The sky is the limit!

To all of your SoundBringers out there..

Sound and People power!

Barthélémy Izoard CEO and Founder of SoundBringer.com




Since the late 1980s French/English photographer Bart Izoard is on the web and after graduating from Salford University in 2001 he began creating an archive of digital Art of Photography Music and Film.

Now is the first time his Art is up for sale on the internet. 

A special collection of collectible Art curated from the transatlantic journey sailing across the Atlantic with my camera during the 2020 lockdows.


Available for limited time auction here:




Use the website menu and click FILM to watch all the parts

After mastering their album 'Gel Bana', I always dreamt of meeting the whole band 'Kara Günes', one of the most established 'anti-establishment bands' ever to exist) .. so I did, but not before a really long journey!!

A team of musicians and apprentice film-makers, Bart Izoard and Ozgür Yalcïn from Karagünes (or Black Sun which is one of the most famous street bands in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul, İstiklal avenue) explore Europe along the coast of the mediterranean sea with instruments and filming equipment from Spain to Turkey.
We met in a park in Barcelona 4 years before and did some great street and squat concerts there together.. after preparing the trip, they decide to start their journey by meeting again in Barcelona and bring the Santur, this persian musical instrument, along with them to play along with all the cultures of southern europe..
Follow them on their adventures and random encouters with musicians, some they jam with, some become great friends, some they make famous, some they fall in love with and some they get married to!! what a crazy road trip and first musical documentary for us two!

Watch the great hack on NetFlix

1080p TPB TORRENT LINK (You need a bit torrent client or app)

In this new world of digital information, it is essential to watch and understand this documentary

Get ready to be blown away.. this is a gamechanger about citizen's rights, data rights, human needs, politics, social networks, lies and reveals the ties between Cambridge Analytica, Facebook lies, The Brexit campaign, The Trump Election, Russia, Fake news..

Understand how far we have come into a Psy-OP run by madmen, the reality is beyond your imagination!!

Thank you!!


Aug 8, 2019

Sound Alchemy

Over 500 K views on our YouTube Channel for this amazing presentation about sound alchemy by wonderful researcher, musician and speaker Ani Williams

Check it out if you haven't seen it already :D

Click below to hear the interview (Right click on the player to save the file) on All FM Manchester Unsigned about the tracks we did together back in 2001/2002, or use the menu's music player to listen to the EP

Notre prochain projet de mixage et de mastering avec le Psychic Audio Group basé à Leeds (Angleterre)




Depuis déja 5 ans, soundBringer travaille avec cette Artiste, auparavant elle chantait et jouait du charango et de la guitare acoustique avec Marinouie au sein du duo 'Rio Flores'.

Maintenant avec la maturité, elle a composé un magnifique album bientôt en écoute ici.


Le mastering s'est fait de manière analogique en passant par les convertisseurs des deux ULN2 de Metric Halo avec les EQ Amek 9098, le Faiman TSC COMP/LIM et les 2254 de NEVE, puis sur SoundBlade pour la partie édition et sortie finale en DDP et WAV.

The first part of a concert in the summer of 2018 at the restored B'Arts Theatre and Recording studio in the French Pyrenees.


Watch the first music video shot partially in our new recording studio in the Ariege, France.

Many thanks to all the team behind this project, we are available to make a similar job for you.. come out and play!

Mar 24, 2017

Studio Bass

New Bass Axe 'Vintage 1969 Ventures Mosrite Aria Diamond' Made by Matsumoku whose guitars were used by Nirvana, Eels, B52's.. it's much lighter than the Marcus Miller V7 and that's a relief!

Dec 16, 2016

Free Album!

For the festive season, we offer the first ever SoundBringer released album as a free download

 High Ways

Get it while it's there

FREE ALBUM - HIGH WAYS by SoundBringer

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