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The SoundBringer ))(( Bart Izoard

Producer, Engineer, Singer, Vibes Bringer! also a visual Artist, and VJ since the late 90s, photographer, film-maker, 3D panographer, multimedia journalist of our connected lifelines..

Hoping to one day create work on par with people like Robert John "Mutt" Lange and Daniel Lanois..

Since the 1980's, the French born SoundBringer got into making african influenced hip-hop and trying to replicate syncopated and odd time signature of beats on an 520STE Atari and pretty much never stopped making music ever since the day he laid his hands on an S950 Akai sampler..

Growing up between Champagne and St Germain-des-Près (Artist quarter of Paris), then moving to England to follow his passion for Sound, he spent a few summers in working L.A. inspired by his love for Poets and particularly Jim Morrison, he ended up amongst Venice Beach's artists. Choosing to move to the rainy NW of England after the sunshine state and study in Salford (Manchester) to get a diploma in hand after being offered a job at Tone King and maybe Oceanway one day could have been an odd move, but upon reflection the Arts scene of Manchester and Salford offerd a great location to master the essence of what sound is.

The physical aspects and the compositional aspects of a piece and the magic that happens (or not) when a band comes together.

Jamming and collaborating through improvisation and vocal experiments with Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk musicians, later dancing and singing to Northern Soul and discovering the Electronic scene an answer the other industrial sister of Manchester that is Detroit. The pionneers in their bedroom studio or the sound engineers turned composers are many in the U.K and when the musican meets the DJ/Producer, their union creates a SoundBringer (See Paul Lansky former Princeton head of Music). Think of pioneers of this genre such as Mike Oldfield or Lee 'Scratch" Perry..

He worked around 1996 as a trainee in Birmingham's studios, UK (The Music Station, Ritch Bitch Studioplex..) and then found a job at Tone King studios (#Oceanway's partner studio in Hollywood CA invited by grammy award winner Peter McCabe (See profile). Setting up a drum kit for John Densmore (The Doors) was his first official job there.

Then back in England he worked along with Mike Vindice at Strangeways HQ Studios in Manchester while studying at Salford University where he graduated from the Bsc Music, Acoustics and Recording (MAR) course with Honours in 2001. Prior to that he completed an HND in Audio and Video systems in 1999.

Back in France in 2007, he started making custom computers for audio and DIY gear..

Now equipped with his own recording studio after over 20 years collecting gear :D, he is producing other Artists and opening the door for new talents to be featured on this channel.

Speaks: French, English, Spanish, German.


This website is a good place to also explore the Archive presented by his career since the studio was born in the late 90's in Manchester, England.



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