Take a look at our Photo Gallery

We can come and record your event in HD using a multiple camera setup and of course we can get the sound from the mixer or record the concert in studio quality with our mobile recording rig.

We have taken some still shots for a lot of musicians and bands to help them build their image and add content to their website, and also use them for Album Artwork.

Check the SoundBringer Channel for our lastest video work, see some live recordings below:

HD VIDEO WITH STUDIO SOUND (Camera: LUMIX GH2 Mobile Audio Rig: MOTU Traveller+Macbook Pro+4 Mic Setup)

HD VIDEO WITH STUDIO SOUND (Camera: NIKON D5100 Mobile Audio Rig: MOTU Traveller+Macbook Pro+4 Mic Setup)

HD VIDEO DEMO (on-board mic LUMIX GH2 - Filmed using a two camera setup, a GH2 using a Tokina 11-16mm lens and a Nikon D5100 with a 50mm nikkor prime.)


Profitez de notre service de prise d'images et de son,

Grace au nouveau Lumix GH4, nous vous proposons de filmer:

- votre évenement (concert, performance, atelier, spectacle..)

- vos locaux (studio, maison, salle, bureau, gite, hôtel..)

- ou encore votre activité, pour la faire découvrir au plus grand nombre en UHD 4K..

La qualité de nos optiques cinéma combinée a cette definition mettra en valeur votre travail et vous permet désormais de tourner une vidéo professionelle dans le lieu de votre choix avec une prise de son de qualité studio.


Photo/Video Gearlist:
Panasonic Lumix GH4 4K camera + 64Gb card.

Panasonic Lumix GH2 Updated + 32Gb card.
BMCC Speedbooster by Metabones


Iscorama 1.5x Cinemascope Lens

Nikkor 50mm f/1.4 AF-S  + Nikkor 105mm 2.8 Kogaku (1960's) Prime lenses.
Wide Angle Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 AT-X PRO DX 
Wide Angle Lumix 20mm f1.7 ASPH Pancake
Zoom Sigma ART 18-35mm f1.8 
Zoom Nikkor 80-200mm f4.5

Tripods, Heads and Rigs:
Manfrotto 190DB with fluid head 128RC
Manfrotto 055A with 3DVR 302 Plus head

- Water Counterweight Cinema Crane/Jib

- 3 axis brushless motors STEADYCAM Rig.

Clip-on Mics
Aputure V-Mic Hyper Cardoid with windshield


Lee Perry in Toulouse


We have organised a series of workshops in partnership with the Conseil General and the Mediathèques in France.

Suite à la première série d'Ateliers d'initiation à la musique sur les outils éléctroniques, voici des créations réalisées par les participants aux ateliers M.A.O sur iPad dans le 09.

 &megc&type=youtube" /> &megc&type=youtube" />

Voici le lien vers l'atelier d'Ax les Themes 


We make music for games, documentaries, radio plays, podcasts, whatever you need sound for. 

In an age of worldwide communication, your sonic presence is your voice. so make it loud and clear!

Record or Licence some sound for your documentary, blog, public space, exhibition, meditation class, podcast, radio broadcast...

Wherever you are, we can help you improve your sound strategy..

We love to travel and capture performances in France, Europe and beyond.

Our geographical position allows us to be in Barcelona, Montpellier, Marseille, Toulouse, Foix, Andorra, Madrid, Bordeaux, Paris.. within a few hours.

Here is an extract of our new travelling music documentary project.   

If you are making music somewhere in the world and need help recording, mixing or mastering, we are able to take your band's performance or session to a new level of sound production.

Available mobile equipment list (comp/fx in mobile racks):

(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for deals on rentals)

Main Rig

MacBook Pro i7 SSD

2x Metric Halo ULN2 3D Aand 2D +DSP = 4 Amazing Preamps (surround cinema mobile audio recording)



8x Studer 169 Preamps (Neve Style)
2x Fairman TSC (Fairchild Tube style)
2x AMEK 9098 PRE/EQ
4x MOTU Traveller
8x Focusrite Octopre Platinum
2x Focusrite SE
1x AKAI s950

Genelec 1030A Pair
Tannoy Precision Passive - Carver Amp
JVC (NS-10s) 1990’s Japanese
Philips (Auratones)
Jamo Sub

Studer 169+Breakout Box

Studer A-807 1/4” 15ips Mastering Tape Recorder
Akai 4000DS
Mastering DAT deck


1x Neumann U47 FET (New model)
1x Neumann KM54a
1x SE z5600A
2x SE z3300A  (Neumann U47FET)
1x AKG D25 (Ex. Martin Hannett)

3x Audio-Technica at4040
3x Shure SM57
1x Shure SM58 Beta
1x Shure 1950’s 520D
1x Prosound 80s SM58

3x Tom clip-on mics
2x ElectroVoice 1960s EV676 (Jim Morrison Live mic)
1x Audio-Technica stereo boundary mic
1x Aputure Video mic (for Lumix GH4)

Fairman TSC
NEVE 2254/R
Alesis 3630

Lumix GH4 - 4k 25p and slomo 96fps in FullHD
Lumix GH2 - Great portrait sensor and colour calibration.
3m cinema Jib/crane
Steadycam with remote and monitor on android for single user operation.

M4/3 Speedbooster for Nikon Lenses
Sigma 1.8 ART 17-35
Nikon 50mm 1.4G/35mm Kogaku/105mm Kogaku)/20-200mm Zoom
Cinemascope Baby Iscorama
Helios 44 Russian lens
Tokina 11-16mm Wide angle


Using our mobile rig and studio Minivan equipped for broadcast and recording, we can come to your location of choice to record in studio quality and film the performance.

The video production crew can then benefit from having the separate channels of audio available for mixing a concert DVD (surround sound).

Using our GH4 and GH2 cameras we can capture your performances in 1080 or 4K Anamorphic ready for cinematic use..


The videos below was recorded using the rig and a couple of decent mics..

KaraGunes in Istanbul by SoundBringer

Walking thru the dark night (4K Anamorphic)

Contact us for a project.

We prepare your final tracks for Vinyl, Broadcast, CD (Red Book CD and DDP) and web distribution (wav/mp3/mp4/aac/flac).

You can now send us your file and place an order using paypal (buyer protection included). So in case you want a refund, it's easy.

Link: Place an order for 1 track - Send your file to soundbringer at gmail.com

Check an Example of Album Mastering (Karagunes from Istanbul)

New! our Profile on soundBetter. Also visible on AudioHunt, we offer select services such as re-amping, ASP and mastering using a range of equipment.  Check the menu.

As monitors, we use Genelec 1030A speakers and Tannoy Precision monitors that go up to 50000Hz, we care for this because a signal’s higher harmonics can matter especially to create a tangible stereo perception.
Rupert Neve talks about the body being unable to relax when the HF content is cutoff beyond 20KHz so we respect the sound well beyond the perceived human hearing range..


Mastering is an Artform, requiring creativity and tools as the making of the music does, but with the aim to always imagine what the Artist wants the outcome to sound like in his mind.

We can master your song to 1/4inch at 15ips Mastering tape using a Studer A-807 through our outboard and then export to digital, this way you can keep a master tape reference for further format conversion (no dithering or other sound problems)

Final CD/WAV mastering is done with SonicStudio SoundBlade HD on Mac Pro. A Benchmark Digital Audio Workstation For Mastering, Restoration, Recording & Mixing. • Sonic Studio Engine (SSE) is trusted by mastering engineers worldwide for its transparent sound.

The digital domain is looked after by two Metric Halo ULN-2 Interface +DSP which allow extremely accurate capture and reproduction of sound, which matters when you leave the digital domain to go thru to analogue and back to the computer. Our analogue mastering service combines treatment with the legendary Fairman TSC Opto Valve Stereo Compressor/Limiter, two linked Legendary NEVE 2254/R Compressor/Limiter and Sonnox/Pulteq Eq (Software), Lexicon Mastering Tools as well as the Metric Halo +DSP tools such as M/S and Parallel Compression.

As a Label, we can also release or help your distribute your music yourself on various platforms (eg: itunes, bandcamp, youtube..).

As part of the Mastering we can add your work to our online label and create your Custom ISRC code with our SCPP/IFPI membership and insert it into your MASTER. This way your music will be trackable online and you can then get paid when your song/video gets played on all the platforms.

As long as we’re not too busy, we will be happy to do a test master of one of your tracks to show you what we can do for your music.


How To Send Your Files

Your mix can be uploaded to our servers securely, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the ftp details, if you send us your tracks on a CD, prefer 24 bit WAV files on a CD-ROM. 

Mail to:

Bart Izoard

SoundBringer Mastering House

Soueix-Rogalle 09140 France

Try and keep you levels down and bypass any master bus compression / limiting / widening you may have your master bus.

•  File Type : Wav / Flac / Aiff
•  Bitrate : 16 – 24 – 32 bit / 44,100 khz, 48khz, 88.1 khz, 96khz  •  Headroom : -3db


Should I Attend The Mastering Session

Having the artist attend the session can often be useful for both parties, and make for effective and fast communication. However, it is not absolutely essential that the artist attends the session and it is commonplace that mastering sessions and communications are dealt with via FTP (file transfer protocol) and email/telephone respectively.

As mentioned, it is not essential that artist attends the mastering session. There are certain things that should be provided to the mastering engineer, however:

This is the song order of your album. There are many possible orders and this should be decided and given to the mastering engineer before the session.

 – any questions and concerns you may have. For example, perhaps you feel one song is too quiet, or the vocal is not quite bright enough, or you want a warm and darker master. Let the mastering engineer know this, as he will otherwise take lead from what he is hearing and assume that it is the creative intention of the artist and producer.


Also read 'The Art of Mastering'.


We offer..

      • Attended, unattended and online mastering for CD, Downloads, Web, Video and DVD. Also preparation and pre-mastering for vinyl cutting.
      • Delivery of verified DDP or Red Book masters for CD, files for downloads, Enhanced CD and DVD authoring.
      • Transfer, archiving and audio restoration from vinyl and tape.
      • Mastering from stems.
      • Mastering for itunes see: http://www.apple.com/itunes/mastered-for-itunes/


Dj Mix Mastering Service

Our DJ mix mastering service is customised for all genres of mixes including podcasts and promotional mixes. Much like our analogue mastering service, dj mix mastering using the same analogue mastering chain but spans across a whole mix from start to finish. Whether your send your DJ mixes or a band/live set recording. Prices are dependent on the length of your mix and can be up to a total of 2 hours long.

This process of mastering is used by many professional DJ's and radio shows needing a professional release quality master to upload to their social media outlets and websites.


Monitoring Environments:

Main Studio: Tannoy Precision 6D Center and Stereo Reference monitors with JBL Sub - Carver 2x175 amp. Genelec 1030A Pair. 5.1 Surround monitoring using a combination of the above. Also a vintage JVC acting as a pair of NS-10s.

Listening Room: Philips Stereo Monitors and/or 1969 Dual Speaker Mono check with Audiophile Class D Amp SMSL SA-S3 2021b Tripath based on this famous chip..

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