La France n'est pas Daft Punk

Source: daftworld La France ce n’est pas Daft Punk…» L’industrie musicale française se prend une belle une soufflante par Rachid Ferrache Publié par daftworld sur 23 Février 2014, 13:24pm Après le triomphe des Daft Punk aux Grammy Awards, la déferlante médiatique ne s’est pas fait attendre publiant des articles encore et toujours plus élogieux. Grand bien leurs fasse. Mais le débat fait rage lorsque Rachid Ferrache lit des articles faisant l’apologie de la «French touch» outre Atlantique. En effet, les Daft Punk sont-ils vraiment représentatifs du paysage musical français actuel ? Souvenez vous bien que le titre QUAND IL PÈTE IL TROUE SON SLIP est passé en tête des ventes devant DAFT PUNK aujourd’hui récompensé de 6 Grammy awards devant le monde entier. L’artiste aux multiples facettes dresse un constat alarmant de l’environnement musical dans lequel la France s’enlise depuis plusieurs années. De Pascal Nègre, président d’Universal Music France, à Aurélie Filippetti, Ministre de la Culture, Rachid Ferrache n’y va pas avec le dos de la cuillère. Son coup de gueule n’épargne personne, encore moins René la Taupe. On vous laisse en juger par vous-même : « COUP DE GUEULE. Daft Punk aux grammy… Pas besoin de crier victoire au…

Microphones with stories to tell..

Classic mics from brands including Shure, Neumann, AKG, Audio-Technica, SE Electronics and even Fender! A classic bass and bass drum mic as used by my favorite drummer, see Mitch Mitchell's AKG D25 from the Jimi Hendrix band of Gypsies and Joy Division's studio producer Martin Hannett. In memory of this sonic pioneering genius, we acquired Martin Hannett's own AKG D25 from a source in Manchester. This AKG mic was probably used to record Joy Division, OMD, The Stone Roses, John Cooper Clark, A Certain Ratio, New Order, Happy Mondays or Psychedelic Furs..and even the young U2. Evolving mic list.. AKG 1x D25 vintage 1970s bass and drum mic (similar capsule to D12 and D20) Shure 2x SM57 2x SM58 1x Vintage 1951 'Green Bullet' 520 Harmonica Neumann 1x U47 Fet 1x KM 54 Tube Small condenser The KM 54 is the smallest and lightest mic ever produced from by Neumann from 1954 to 1969 and features the legendary Telefunken AC701k tube. We asked Neumann to date our microphone and they were pleased to inform us that our KM54a with serial number 281 was manufactured in 1955. It came from a great studio near Manchester and before that the BBC. (PDF…

A place to create far from the city stress

Welcome to the Ariege, A place where the city's noise pollution is no longer a problem, sit down, relax, breathe and get ready to create with a professional engineer/producer by your side.. let's make wonders together.. You can find the studio near St Girons, just over an hour away from Toulouse Airport and City Centre. A few hours drive from Marseilles, Montpellier, Madrid or Barcelona and six hours from Paris. Near the studio, you have access to Andorra (1h30), Guzet Neige ski resort (30mn), Massat, Seix, Oust and the surrounding rivers, lakes and mountains..

Fairman TSC

Not to be confused with the TMC, the TSC uses optical gain control and has 4 tubes for gain staging and amplification. This makes it very flexible and can be made to sound clean or warm and remain gentle either way. It's fast, certainly mastering grade and can be ordered with Elma gold switches (which I like a lot). The Fairman TSC Tube Stereo Compressor is a very high quality and warm sounding Tube Amplifier, were the gain is controlled by the light-sensitive input potentiometer. The circuit design is based upon an LED illuminated high-speed resistor. This light-sensitive resistor is in fact part of an optical controlled potentiometer rather than a VCA. The result is absence of any distortion in the gain-controlling device at any compressor/limiter level. The Tube amplifier does not change gain, and therefor does not change Sound during compression. Compare it to as the compressors “moving Fader”. The unique developed detection circuit delivers a clean and very fast control voltage to the optical device. This avoids the often seen problem of many comps, where the compressed low frequencies are “modulated”, especially when fast attack and release times are used. The benefit therefor is the extremely high linearity…

The Art of Mastering

A great book to start 'The Mastering Engineer's Handbook' If you are interested in the history of the Art of Mastering, do check out these articles.. Also worth a visit, this blog: All about producing and mastering audio for disc, the web and beyond If you want a test master, feel free to send an audio file to us and we will send you a 30s sample.



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