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Nov 4, 2015
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A young masked musician just started his work experience here on monday.  
For the first day, we decided to get hands-on straight away and had a jam! we tracked (recorded) the drums and the new Sire Marcus Miller v7 bass using the sound card rack (Focusrite OctoPre Dynamic for Drums - ULN2 and Fairman Valve Pre for bass and vocals) as a jam session exercise recording a live multi-mic session. We then laid some vocals and a guitar line using the studio's Gibson Little Lucille and OCD pedal into a Marshall JCM800.
The second day, Tuesday, we mixed the song a bit then shot the raw images for the music video outside and inside the studio in 4K and slomo 1080p using with the GH4 (and some GH2 shots in 1080p) with a Came 7000 steady cam gimbal and a water counterweighted mini film crane.
He shot some of the scenes using the rigs and acted in the film. Lenses used were a Helios 44 Russian lens + Nikkor Kogaku 105mm + Iscomorphot 1.5/8 Cinemascope lens combo.
Last night I loaded all the footage and the song into the Laptop ready for him to edit in the morning.
Then today he spent his entire afternoon editing for the first time using a MacBook, FCP X and a 4k 55' Monitor for playback. 
By his 3rd day of work experience, he had successfully recorded, shot and edited his first music video in Cinemascope 4K and uploaded it onto the internet.. 
Here is the result of our common work..

Walking thru the dark night 4K

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