May peace prevail

Nov 14, 2015
Here at SoundBringer, we are deeply saddened by the events of this 13th of November in Paris and those as tragic which occured in Beirut on the same day. Our thoughts go to all the victims of the Bataclan and all of Paris. A musical venue should be a safe heaven and a place for people to come together in peace as bothers and sisters, beyond all beliefs and religions.
A few weeks ago I published a Santoor piece calling for peace in Syria so that the world does not become a warzone due to our actions, we can't go and bomb people and remain at peace here in Europe.
Listen to Ode to Syria (Free Download)
This music is dedicated to all the peaceful warriors and all the victims of terror in Syria and here. Let's come together and make a world where we can all live safely without bombs and guns. 


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