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Joy Division's Bass and drum Mic Joy Division's Bass and drum Mic

Classic mics from brands including Shure, Neumann, AKG, Audio-Technica, SE Electronics and even Fender!

A classic bass and bass drum mic as used by my favorite drummer, see Mitch Mitchell's AKG D25 from the Jimi Hendrix band of Gypsies and Joy Division's studio producer Martin Hannett.

In memory of this sonic pioneering genius, we acquired Martin Hannett's own AKG D25 from a source in Manchester. This AKG mic was probably used to record Joy Division, OMD, The Stone Roses, John Cooper Clark, A Certain Ratio, New Order, Happy Mondays or Psychedelic Furs..and even the young U2.

Evolving mic list..


1x D25 vintage 1970s bass and drum mic (similar capsule to D12 and D20)


2x SM57

2x SM58

1x Vintage 1951 'Green Bullet' 520 Harmonica

Shure Green Bullet


1x U47 Fet

1x KM 54 Tube Small condenser

The KM 54 is the smallest and lightest mic ever produced from by Neumann from 1954 to 1969 and features the legendary Telefunken AC701k tube. We asked Neumann to date our microphone and they were pleased to inform us that our KM54a with serial number  281 was manufactured in 1955. It came from a great studio near Manchester and before that the BBC. (PDF INFO)


3x AT4040

1x Stereo boundary mic

SE Electronics

2x Z3300A (Neumann U47 FET).

1x Z5600A with 1950s Tube from GE (Triple Mica Blackplate Fat D getter 6072/12AY7) - Very close to a Tube U47 sound!


2x 676s (Jim Morrison mics)

1x Fender M80 Small diaphragm Electret 1980s

1x Rode NT3

3x Tom clip-on mics

1x Aputure V-Mic D2 super-cardioid


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