The studio in 2016!

Mar 13, 2016

Along with this Marshall 1990 8x10" Bass Cab (see picture)

Some new additions to the studio's arsenal of sound tools..

We have already received a revised Studer A-807 tape machine and 2 x Amek 9098 Preamps/EQ (rocks with the KM54a and the SE mics), they are essentially racked channels from a world famous studio console.

- Epiphone Special II

- Epiphone Gibson 'Black Beauty' Les Paul Custom

- Meinl Byzance Brilliant Heavy Ride 22"

- SlapBack Audio Scintillator (BBE/Aphex style)

- Studer 169 Mixer with Balanced Breakout Box

- EV 676 Mic (1960s Jim Morrison Mic)

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