Following a memorable night in aid of Syrian Refugees in France and beyond, the Volvestre Collective presented no less than 20 Artists from everywhere, who filled the room with warm and generous sound gifts. The public was great and gave plenty (the bar profits went to the cause!) Thanks again to everyone involved in this surprise.
The improvisational piece below is a one-man live composition using nearly 200 tuned strings and a handful of cymbals. A cultural attempt to harmonise east and west, where two Persian santoors tuned in two complementary but different scales. Reflecting both points of a journey through space and time.
A mandolin, a 12 string guitar and two acoustic guitars are used to bridge the scales of the lead santoors into a conversation, add cymbals and ornaments crashes and beats to symbolise the accidents on the path of exile.
A gift to go with the sounds a Persian Sufi poem..
Currently show in Orkney and Hong-Kong next month

Papay Gyro Nights Festival

See the Festival website
With Choreographer Julia Griffin and SoundBringer
This work was filmed in Stockport, Reddish Vale. Where the question of a dialogue with the industrial landscape and the rhythm that is sometimes not in sync with the dancers movement, but that is also part of the dialogue between the video artist Kristín Scheving and the Choreographer Julia Griffin (UK) and then later with sound artist SoundBringer (FR), how do we communicate?


New release on soundcloud 'La chanson d'Elisa'

'Hotstuff' par le groupe Baise Ball enregistré au studio en 2011.

Telecharger Gratuit - Free Download


We have just received two 2254R Compressor/Limiters from AMS Neve, UK.

They are classic mono limiter/compressors made to the late-1960’s design.

Originally designed in 1969, the original Neve 2254 mono Limiter/Compressor unit quickly became a legend in its own right. Discreet, Class A design and transformer-coupled circuits used in the input, innovative bridge-driver design, side-chain and output stages ensured a totally unique sound. The original 2254 units are still sought after today by audio pioneers, decades after production stopped and they remain one of the “milestone” pieces of audio equipment.


  • Hand-made in Burnley, England using original Neve specification transformers
  • Original Neve 2254 discreet, Class A circuit design
  • Transformer-coupled circuits used in Input, Bridge-driver, Side-chain and Output stages
  • Manual Fast Attack Time adjustment and transparent level control
  • Independent Limiter In/Out and Compressor In/Out selection
  • Total bypass switch
  • Multiple units can be linked together to provide multi-unit side-chain control from a single unit
  • Compatible with Neve Recall software, simply connect the 2254/R using USB to a host PC or Mac running Neve Recall software
About the original 2254E


HOW MUCH: £9,500.00 / $14,400 (pair)

THE HISTORY: Designed in 1969, the original Neve 2254 mono Limiter/Compressor unit quickly received legendary status. Featuring a discrete, Class A design and transformer-coupled circuits – used in the input, innovative bridge-driver design, side chain and output stages ensured a totally unique sound. They were used in studios across the world and are still highly sought after, decades after production stopped – and even if you find one you’ll also often have it built into a rack enclosure with a custom power supply.

REPLICAS AND MODERN EQUIVALENTS: Neve have recently recreated a version of this compressor  that they now call the 2254/R. Designed as accurate replica of the original Neve 2254 Limiter‑Compressor, with its smooth sound character, it is available from most larger music dealers. Plug-in designer Waves also used the 2254 as inspiration for its V-series compressor.

Here at SoundBringer, we are deeply saddened by the events of this 13th of November in Paris and those as tragic which occured in Beirut on the same day. Our thoughts go to all the victims of the Bataclan and all of Paris. A musical venue should be a safe heaven and a place for people to come together in peace as bothers and sisters, beyond all beliefs and religions.
A few weeks ago I published a Santoor piece calling for peace in Syria so that the world does not become a warzone due to our actions, we can't go and bomb people and remain at peace here in Europe.
Listen to Ode to Syria (Free Download)
This music is dedicated to all the peaceful warriors and all the victims of terror in Syria and here. Let's come together and make a world where we can all live safely without bombs and guns. 


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