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You can help us to fund our recordings, travels and capture more 'magical moments'

Donate to this fund to help SoundBringer and the musicians make all the sound you hear and film the images you see here.

You will be awarded with a million good karma points for helping make these vibrations and connections between our human cultures.

You can also buy the Compilation "SoundBringer's Travels" here soon.


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Music is beyond language as a form of expression. And each person on this planet has a song to give, a memory or a creation to share.

Sound transmission helps culture spread through our planet thus chasing away the darkness from this world.

In 2014, we started a self-funded musician road movie project, you can watch some of the results here

Play all the music scenes of our trip to Istanbul

This video was filmed and recorded on the road from Barcelona to Istanbul in July 2014. KaraGunes in Istanbul with SoundBringer

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