Notre prochain projet de mixage et de mastering avec le Psychic Audio Group basé à Leeds (Angleterre)




Depuis déja 5 ans, soundBringer travaille avec cette Artiste, auparavant elle chantait et jouait du charango et de la guitare acoustique avec Marinouie au sein du duo 'Rio Flores'.

Maintenant avec la maturité, elle a composé un magnifique album bientôt en écoute ici.


Le mastering s'est fait de manière analogique en passant par les convertisseurs des deux ULN2 de Metric Halo avec les EQ Amek 9098, le Faiman TSC COMP/LIM et les 2254 de NEVE, puis sur SoundBlade pour la partie édition et sortie finale en DDP et WAV.

The first part of a concert in the summer of 2018 at the restored B'Arts Theatre and Recording studio in the French Pyrenees.



The first live album recorded in the new studio here in the mountains of Ariège

Le premier album live enregistré au nouveau studio du SoundBringer..

La chaleur du son Folk Rock Anglais avec
Toby Connor - Zapoi feat Filip Vacha

En écoute ici


Watch the first music video shot partially in our new recording studio in the Ariege, France.

Many thanks to all the team behind this project, we are available to make a similar job for you.. come out and play!

Mar 24, 2017

Studio Bass

New Bass Axe 'Vintage 1969 Ventures Mosrite Aria Diamond' Made by Matsumoku whose guitars were used by Nirvana, Eels, B52's.. it's much lighter than the Marcus Miller V7 and that's a relief!

Dec 16, 2016

Free Album!

For the festive season, we offer the first ever SoundBringer released album as a free download

 High Ways

Get it while it's there

FREE ALBUM - HIGH WAYS by SoundBringer

Jul 29, 2016

Tube upgrades

We upgraded our beloved Fairman valve Pentode Preamp and mastering Comp/Limiter with awesome and rare Telefunken vintage military valves from the 1950-60s.

This upgrade brings to our preamp a very important part of the sound of the modified Telefunken/Siemens V72's and Neumann/Geiling preamps which use Telefunken EF806S tubes like the original Redd 47. Beatles console. Read this article on preamps to learn more about this important part of the sound chain bringing out the best from your microphones.

After fixing the VU-meters backlights (LED upgrade) and replacing the 4 tubes (RFT and Sovteks) with two Telefunken ecc801s for the preamp section and Telefunken ef806s for the Gain makeup section, we could not be more happy with the open, clear and penetrating sound of any source that has been tested from voice to guitar, bass and drums, the results of this upgrade have been nothing short of incredible!

Worth the two weeks research on forums and talking to the maker in Denmark for advice, then hunting on the web for these legendary gems!! Precious!

May 24, 2016

The Jackson's

We just received two new and already legendary Jackson guitars.

- Jackson KVXMG King V BK

King V

- Jackson SLATXMGQ3-6 Solist TBK

Apr 26, 2016

New Music Videos

Enjoy this new production, made with one cam and a stereo mic plus a few stabilizers and some fun!

Click on HD at the bottom if your connection is broadband.

Dasha's 'Lose you time'

Dasha's 'Ne me reveilles pas'

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