Jul 29, 2016

Tube upgrades

We upgraded our beloved Fairman valve Pentode Preamp and mastering Comp/Limiter with awesome and rare Telefunken vintage military valves from the 1950-60s.

This upgrade brings to our preamp a very important part of the sound of the modified Telefunken/Siemens V72's and Neumann/Geiling preamps which use Telefunken EF806S tubes like the original Redd 47. Beatles console. Read this article on preamps to learn more about this important part of the sound chain bringing out the best from your microphones.

After fixing the VU-meters backlights (LED upgrade) and replacing the 4 tubes (RFT and Sovteks) with two Telefunken ecc801s for the preamp section and Telefunken ef806s for the Gain makeup section, we could not be more happy with the open, clear and penetrating sound of any source that has been tested from voice to guitar, bass and drums, the results of this upgrade have been nothing short of incredible!

Worth the two weeks research on forums and talking to the maker in Denmark for advice, then hunting on the web for these legendary gems!! Precious!

May 24, 2016

The Jackson's

We just received two new and already legendary Jackson guitars.

- Jackson KVXMG King V BK

King V

- Jackson SLATXMGQ3-6 Solist TBK

Apr 26, 2016

New Music Videos

Enjoy this new production, made with one cam and a stereo mic plus a few stabilizers and some fun!

Click on HD at the bottom if your connection is broadband.

Dasha's 'Lose you time'

Dasha's 'Ne me reveilles pas'

Classic mics from brands including Shure, Neumann, AKG, Audio-Technica, SE Electronics and even Fender!

A classic bass and bass drum mic as used by my favorite drummer, see Mitch Mitchell's AKG D25 from the Jimi Hendrix band of Gypsies and Joy Division's studio producer Martin Hannett.

In memory of this sonic pioneering genius, we acquired Martin Hannett's own AKG D25 from a source in Manchester. This AKG mic was probably used to record Joy Division, OMD, The Stone Roses, John Cooper Clark, A Certain Ratio, New Order, Happy Mondays or Psychedelic Furs..and even the young U2.

Evolving mic list..


1x D25 vintage 1970s (similar capsule to D12 and D20) http://recordinghacks.com/images/mic_extras/akg/D12-ad.gif


2x SM57

2x SM58

1x Vintage 1951 'Green Bullet' 520 Harmonica

Shure Green Bullet


1x U47 Fet

1x KM 54 Tube Small condenser

The KM 54 is the smallest and lightest mic ever produced from by Neumann from 1954 to 1969 and features the legendary Telefunken AC701k tube. We asked Neumann to date our microphone and they were pleased to inform us that our KM54a with serial number  281 was manufactured in 1955. It came from a great studio near Manchester and before that the BBC.


3x AT4040

1x Stereo boundary mic

SE Electronics

2x Z3300A (Neumann U47 FET)

1x Z5600A with 1950s Tube from GE (Triple Mica Blackplate Fat D getter 6072/12AY7) - Very close to a Tube U47 sound!


2x 676s (Jim Morrison mics)

1x Fender M80 Small diaphragm Electret 1980s

1x Rode NT3

3x Tom clip-on mics

1x Aputure V-Mic D2 super-cardioid


Mar 5, 2016

The Studer A-807

A Classic mastering and recording machine, the Studer A-807 is king of reel to reel recorders.

Record your song onto 1/4inch 15ips Ampex Quantegy 406 or RMG SM911 Mastering Tape through our pure 'analog' chain.

When it comes to the final master analogue tape is so massively superior to any digital format that the difference can be immediately spotted. Quarter inch tape has that appealing musicality that digital lacks. Tape compression will keep the dynamic range of the song, help your master achieve better general levels and remove the need for dithering back to 16 bit when going back to lower quality digital formats such as wav or mp3.

Feb 24, 2016

Spanish vibes..

An album full of Summer vibes and Winter warmth..

Listen Here

Following a memorable night in aid of Syrian Refugees in France and beyond, the Volvestre Collective presented no less than 20 Artists from everywhere, who filled the room with warm and generous sound gifts. The public was great and gave plenty (the bar profits went to the cause!) Thanks again to everyone involved in this surprise.
The improvisational piece below is a one-man live composition using nearly 200 tuned strings and a handful of cymbals. A cultural attempt to harmonise east and west, where two Persian santoors tuned in two complementary but different scales. Reflecting both points of a journey through space and time.
A mandolin, a 12 string guitar and two acoustic guitars are used to bridge the scales of the lead santoors into a conversation, add cymbals and ornaments crashes and beats to symbolise the accidents on the path of exile.
A gift to go with the sounds a Persian Sufi poem..
Currently show in Orkney and Hong-Kong next month

Papay Gyro Nights Festival

See the Festival website
With Choreographer Julia Griffin and SoundBringer
This work was filmed in Stockport, Reddish Vale. Where the question of a dialogue with the industrial landscape and the rhythm that is sometimes not in sync with the dancers movement, but that is also part of the dialogue between the video artist Kristín Scheving and the Choreographer Julia Griffin (UK) and then later with sound artist SoundBringer (FR), how do we communicate?


New release on soundcloud 'La chanson d'Elisa'

'Hotstuff' par le groupe Baise Ball enregistré au studio en 2011.

Telecharger Gratuit - Free Download

Nov 14, 2015

May peace prevail

Here at SoundBringer, we are deeply saddened by the events of this 13th of November in Paris and those as tragic which occured in Beirut on the same day. Our thoughts go to all the victims of the Bataclan and all of Paris. A musical venue should be a safe heaven and a place for people to come together in peace as bothers and sisters, beyond all beliefs and religions.
A few weeks ago I published a Santoor piece calling for peace in Syria so that the world does not become a warzone due to our actions, we can't go and bomb people and remain at peace here in Europe.
Listen to Ode to Syria (Free Download)
This music is dedicated to all the peaceful warriors and all the victims of terror in Syria and here. Let's come together and make a world where we can all live safely without bombs and guns. 


Nov 4, 2015

New Music Video

A young masked musician just started his work experience here on monday.  
For the first day, we decided to get hands-on straight away and had a jam! we tracked (recorded) the drums and the new Sire Marcus Miller v7 bass using the sound card rack (Focusrite OctoPre Dynamic for Drums - ULN2 and Fairman Valve Pre for bass and vocals) as a jam session exercise recording a live multi-mic session. We then laid some vocals and a guitar line using the studio's Gibson Little Lucille and OCD pedal into a Marshall JCM800.
The second day, Tuesday, we mixed the song a bit then shot the raw images for the music video outside and inside the studio in 4K and slomo 1080p using with the GH4 (and some GH2 shots in 1080p) with a Came 7000 steady cam gimbal and a water counterweighted mini film crane.
He shot some of the scenes using the rigs and acted in the film. Lenses used were a Helios 44 Russian lens + Nikkor Kogaku 105mm + Iscomorphot 1.5/8 Cinemascope lens combo.
Last night I loaded all the footage and the song into the Laptop ready for him to edit in the morning.
Then today he spent his entire afternoon editing for the first time using a MacBook, FCP X and a 4k 55' Monitor for playback. 
By his 3rd day of work experience, he had successfully recorded, shot and edited his first music video in Cinemascope 4K and uploaded it onto the internet.. 
Here is the result of our common work..

Walking thru the dark night 4K

This project has come alight in the studio and is a combination of many nations and talents, from a Lebanese singer Milan and Sevan, his Anatolian/Armenian sound designer and wind instruments player (duduk, didg..), meeting Aurore, a very talented classically trained violon player bringing her female touch to the mix. Added to these the beats from different sources and evocative samples from the sounds of war torn Beirut to the sound of spiritual awakenings..
A very visual sound experience brought to you from our small Ariège based studio..


C'est avec un grand honneur que nous vous proposons de découvrir le Premier Album de Rio Flores, ce duo féminin qui nous fais danser et voyager ici en Ariège.
Commandez le vite, il en reste moins de 500 copies!! Plus d'infos et d'actus sur leur site: http://rioflores.jimdo.com/musique/
Clickez le lien pour un extrait en bas de page..

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