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Session with Rio Flores Session with Rio Flores SoundBringer

Our Main Space is an acoustically treated control room with a nice fire stove and welcoming vibes.

There is an adjacent recording room in which you can achieve a great acoustic separation thanks to a 1m thick stone wall. A couple of other rooms can host horns or vocalists.

Our studio also offers multi-track recording in a place you choose, from your living room to a stage, a forest, a chalet, on a rooftop like Joy Division, we can record you just about anywhere..

Also without moving from the studio, you can sit by the fireplace, close your eyes and we'll setup a classic microphone with some great headphones (Beyer DT770 Pro)..

Hear your voice/instrument and let us take you to any space you want to sing in and create YOUR SOUND around that SPACE with a Lexicon Reverb bought from a Nashville Recording Studio and the completely analogue 'valve' signal path.



Vintage 1954 Neumann KM54a ex BBC valve mic (u47 cousin with AC701K valve)

Considered as one of the 10 best vintage mics in the world (as used for the Beatles in Abbey Road)

SE Electronics z5600a with GE Triple Mica 5 Star 1950’s Valve

Snow Patrol with SE z5600a



1 Neumann U47 FET (read about it here Sound On Sound Article)

The list of renowned artists who have created musical masterpieces with the sound of the U 47 fet – including AC/DC, Kate Bush, Bruce Springsteen, and later R.E.M, the Pretenders, a-ha, Dire Straits, Metallica, Michael Bublé and many others ..

One of its particular strengths was an ability to cope with extremely high sound-pressure levels — up to 147dB SPL with the 10dB pad switched in (for comparison, the original U47 was getting pretty crunchy by 120dB SPL). The FET 47’s high SPL-handling capability quickly made it a firm favourite for capturing kick drums, bass instruments, guitar amps, brass and many other demanding instrumental applications. Although never as popular as a vocal mic as the original U47 — it sounds a little more ‘closed–in’ and flat than the original 47 (which has a much broader 5dB presence boost) — the FET 47 was still quite usable in this role too, particularly for male vocals and speech. Its modest 2dB of presence boost between about 2 and 5 kHz is enough to aid clarity and intelligibility in a mix, while the gentle proximity boost adds a degree of body and warmth.

Bruce Swedien (r.) with Wolfgang Fraissinet (President of Neumann)

For decades, legendary recording engineer and producer Bruce Swedien has been an enthusiastic fan of the U 47 fet. One of the many highlights of his career was recording and mixing the Thriller album with Michael Jackson in the year 1982. Duke Ellington, Quincy Jones, Natalie Cole, Diana Ross, Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand are only a few of many other stars with whom he has worked. He has been nominated for a Grammy award 13 times, and has been a Grammy winner five times.

In his book Make Mine Music, he wrote about the U 47 fet: “My personal favorite of this series (Neumann fet 80) is the U 47 FET. I have two U 47 FETs, very close in sequence numbers, that sound simply fabulous! I absolutely treasure these lovely mikes.”

In 2005, in the Music Player Network Internet forum, he wrote: “The U-47 fet is one of the best sounding Neumann condenser mikes! It is vastly underrated by the industry! I absolutely love mine” and “The U-47 fet is a wonderful vocal mike! A nice and very useful amount of proximity effect. Great for thin voices. The great thing about using the U47 fet on acoustic guitar is also the proximity effect on some guitars ...

2x SE Electronics z3300a ( (Neumann U47FET)

3x Audio Technica AT4040 - (also read Gearslutz Reviews)

1x Vintage 1992 M80 Fender guitar mic

1x Rode NT1

Video/Camera Mics:

1x Audio-Technica stereo boundary mic
, 1x Aputure Video mic (for Lumix GH4)


Dynamic Mics

1x Vintage 1950s AKG D25 (Ex. Martin Hannett stock used for Joy DIvision, New Order, Nico for Factory Records Manchester)


1x Vintage 1952 

Shure 520 Green Bullet

with Black Label CR 99A86 Element (read the history of this legend)



3x Shure SM57
, 1x Shure SM58 Beta
, 1x Prosound 80s SM58, 
3x Tom clip-on mics

2x ElectroVoice 1960s EV676 (Jim Morrison Live mic)



2x Fairman TSC, 
2x AMEK 9098 PRE/EQ, 

4x MOTU Traveller
, 8x Focusrite Octopre Platinum
, 2x Focusrite SE
, 1x AKAI s950


Genelec 1030A Pair
, Tannoy Precision Passive - Carver Amp, 
JVC (NS-10s) 1990’s Japanese
Philips (Auratones)
, Jamo Sub



Studer 169+Breakout Box

Metric Halo 80bit digital workstation (the power of two ULN2s plus DSP)


Studer A-807 1/4” 15ips Mastering Tape Recorder, Akai 4000DS
, Mastering DAT deck



Fairman TSC, NEVE 2254/R, 
Alesis 3630, LA AUDIO 4x4

Lexicon 300L + MIDI LARC remote, Roland SDE1000, Korg A3

 + many pedals by OCD, BOSS..


Lumix GH4 - 4k 25p and slomo 96fps in FullHD
Lumix GH2 - Great portrait sensor and colour calibration.

3m cinema Jib/crane + 
Steadycam with remote and monitor on android for single user operation.


M4/3 Speedbooster for Nikon Lenses, 
Sigma 1.8 ART 17-35 
Nikon 50mm 1.4G, 35mm Kogaku, 105mm Kogaku), 50-200mm Zoom, 
Cinemascope Baby Iscorama
, Helios 44 Russian lens, 
Tokina 11-16mm Wide angle

Beyer DT770 Pro 250 omhs (2015)
Beyer DT100 (vintage brand new 1980s)
Akai (1970s)

To get inspired and compose tracks in the studio, you also need to start with some good instruments.

SoundBringer, we collect good quality microphones and fine musical instruments, all full of history and soul/character.

Like many, we also use a very large collection of SoundBanks in Kontakt 5 controlled by the Novation Remote SL 37 keyboard:

  • studiomainsm
  • studiomainP1080378sm
  • studiodrums3sm
  • studioconsole
  • studioP1080379
  • marshall
  • marinaP1030759web
  • machines from a golden age
  • leostudio
  • drumsstudioweb2
  • _1130628
  • _1130622
  • _1130620
  • _1130617
  • _1130611
  • _1130600
  • _1130598
  • _1130596
  • _1130593
  • _1130592
  • _1130517
  • _1130515
  • _1130512
  • _1130505
  • _1130497
  • _1130496
  • _1130494
  • _1130493
  • _1130489
  • P1100814Shutter Speedsm

Take a pick from our collection of sound sources..

1980s Sonor Force Drumkit (plenty of cymbals by Paiste, Sabian, UFIP, Meinl..).

Jackson SLATXMGQ3-6 Solist TBK - Floyd Rose

2001 Gibson Memphis Little Lucille B.B. King electric guitar ( Gibson ES-355 varitone sound).

Gibson Little Lucille

2005 Korean Epiphone Black Beauty Les Paul Custom

1996 Fender Stratocaster U.S. 50th Anniversary electric guitar. 

1982 Marshall Stack 100W Super Lead JCM800 2203 20th Anniversary

Marshall 4x12 1960B Cabinet with mostly CELESTION G12T-75  ROLA speakers 1777 Kurt Mueller cones.

Marshall 400W 1970s Marshall 8x10 Bass cab (think Ozzy Osbourne)

Pedals: OCD Fulltone MKIV, Boss BE-5B Bass pedal, VOX Wah Wah...

Sire Marcus Miller V7 Swamp Ash Bass

Sire V7

Santander Bass with Flatwound d'Addario strings.

Aria Pro II Mad Axe Bass

Korg Triton Pro Keyboard with Moss Synthesis Expansion (EXB-MOSS) and fuill Ram (from Jean Roussel collection) .

Roland SPD-S Pad-Sampler

Roland TR-727 Latin Drum Machine.

Akai S950 (1988) Legendary 12bit Hip Hop Sampler fitted with SD card reader.(the sound of gritty Hip Hop and Fatboy Slim..)

E-Mu Proteus I + Proteus XR (1989)..

Roland JV1010 (Piece of history previously owned by 1 Giant Leap maker!)

Korg Electribe Valve Sampler ESX-1 



Acoustic Instruments:

Vintage 1970s Suzuki Nagoya Classical Acoustic guitar No.33 (it looks like this one here)

Suzuki Nagoya

Vintage Mandolin (D'Addario Strings)

12 String Acoustic guitar

Yamaha Folk Acoustic

Persian Sadeghi Santoor (9 Bridges 96 strings and 7 Bridges)

The Persian 12 Bridges Sadeghi Santour

M'bira/Sanza (x3), and other world percussions.

Schlagwerk BC 462 2inOne Bass Cajon


Turkish Darbouka from Istanbul


Use some real outboard FX and the DSP from the ULN-2s.

 Other Sound Processors:

2x Amek 9098 EQ

Alesis 3630 Compressor

Roland SDE-1000    
2x AMS-Neve 2254R    
Lexicon 300L

Fairman TSC (stereo)

SlapBack Audio

Scintillator Stereo Expander

Korg A3    

Saturation effects pedals

Fulltone OCD MkIV



Make great music!

Follow us!

We pride ourselves in offering a very competitive Mixing and Mastering service for up and coming and established Artists from all around the World. We can create a mix of your track ready using analogue and digital processing and Master a single track or a complete album.

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