The Magic of Analogue Tape

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Studer A807 Studer A807

Our Studer A807 recorder is ready to reacord your song for a Vinyl release without going into the digital domain.

Find out more info on this amazing tape machine.


As the engineer behind Nirvana and the Pixies puts it:

" Today's digital recordings will be unplayable in the future. "I feel it would be irresponsible to give my clients digital files as their permanent masters, knowing they would eventually disappear or become unusable, so I won't do it. Some of the bands I work with don't appreciate the difference, or take seriously the notion that music should outlive the people who make it, and I understand that." Still, Albini feels that analog tape offers the best chance for recordings to survive. I agree, and analog tape can be used to create great sounding high-definition digital masters. That's not true of the vast majority of recordings that are being made today; most are limited to 96-kHz/24-bit digital.

..there will always be work for engineers who can do a good job, because there will always be people who appreciate good sound. "

Find us also on AudioHunt (a great link about tape magic)

The records we love from the 30's until the turn of the 21st century had one thing in common soundwise

They were all mastered to.. 1/4" 2-track stereo, 15ips, NAB equalization (at least in the U.S.) on a reel to reel pro-recorder.


This is partly why we master and record sound onto RMG M911 1/4" Master tape after using a range of valve analog equipment to refine the sound and bring out the subtle harmonics usually hidden for the average listener thanks to amazing world class monitoring.

So why don't you bring some tape and come make some pieces of not just history but 'your' story!

We store brand new tape, but even get a roll before you come and rock: here is a source - European SM911 Tape 1/4" Dealer

It's probably the best thing you can do for your music since the day computers were invented..


The tape master acts as a final glue for your mixes and no extra noise is added thanks to the valuable Dolby HX Pro circuitry--an anti-distortion for high freq. mode built into the A807, the last tape recorder from Studer, that benefited from over 50 years of analogue research and engineering.

We can also re-master your original 1/4" master tapes(s) into a digital file of the highest quality, using the stereo converters and clock from our Metric Halo ULN2s.

The Swiss precision of the Studer A807 is fed into one of two top-of-range studio-grade analogue to digital converters which capture every detail needed to reproduce the magic of your master tape - no need for an atomic clock, a trained pair of ears and some experience of the way records were made during the last 30 years helps to achieve good results. We aim to keep the 'magic' from the tape and bring it into the digital world.

Our choice of equipment and attention to detail in creating digital files are as painstaking as those in our analogue mastering process. In each case, we convert directly from our refurbished master tape copy into each format separately, never compressing from one format to another. No computers are used in the process; each file is created entirely ‘natively’.

Conversion from analogue to digital is therefore pure and direct, with none of the compression typically involved in the mass-production of digital music.

 Read what Steve Albini has to say on the subject.



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