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Nov 14, 2015

May peace prevail

Here at SoundBringer, we are deeply saddened by the events of this 13th of November in Paris and those as tragic which occured in Beirut on the same day. Our thoughts go to all the victims of the Bataclan and all of Paris. A musical venue should be a safe heaven and a place for people to come together in peace as bothers and sisters, beyond all beliefs and religions.
A few weeks ago I published a Santoor piece calling for peace in Syria so that the world does not become a warzone due to our actions, we can't go and bomb people and remain at peace here in Europe.
Listen to Ode to Syria (Free Download)
This music is dedicated to all the peaceful warriors and all the victims of terror in Syria and here. Let's come together and make a world where we can all live safely without bombs and guns. 


Nov 4, 2015

New Music Video

A young masked musician just started his work experience here on monday.  
For the first day, we decided to get hands-on straight away and had a jam! we tracked (recorded) the drums and the new Sire Marcus Miller v7 bass using the sound card rack (Focusrite OctoPre Dynamic for Drums - ULN2 and Fairman Valve Pre for bass and vocals) as a jam session exercise recording a live multi-mic session. We then laid some vocals and a guitar line using the studio's Gibson Little Lucille and OCD pedal into a Marshall JCM800.
The second day, Tuesday, we mixed the song a bit then shot the raw images for the music video outside and inside the studio in 4K and slomo 1080p using with the GH4 (and some GH2 shots in 1080p) with a Came 7000 steady cam gimbal and a water counterweighted mini film crane.
He shot some of the scenes using the rigs and acted in the film. Lenses used were a Helios 44 Russian lens + Nikkor Kogaku 105mm + Iscomorphot 1.5/8 Cinemascope lens combo.
Last night I loaded all the footage and the song into the Laptop ready for him to edit in the morning.
Then today he spent his entire afternoon editing for the first time using a MacBook, FCP X and a 4k 55' Monitor for playback. 
By his 3rd day of work experience, he had successfully recorded, shot and edited his first music video in Cinemascope 4K and uploaded it onto the internet.. 
Here is the result of our common work..

Walking thru the dark night 4K

This project has come alight in the studio and is a combination of many nations and talents, from a Lebanese singer Milan and Sevan, his Anatolian/Armenian sound designer and wind instruments player (duduk, didg..), meeting Aurore, a very talented classically trained violon player bringing her female touch to the mix. Added to these the beats from different sources and evocative samples from the sounds of war torn Beirut to the sound of spiritual awakenings..
A very visual sound experience brought to you from our small Ariège based studio..


C'est avec un grand honneur que nous vous proposons de découvrir le Premier Album de Rio Flores, ce duo féminin qui nous fais danser et voyager ici en Ariège.
Commandez le vite, il en reste moins de 500 copies!! Plus d'infos et d'actus sur leur site: http://rioflores.jimdo.com/musique/
Clickez le lien pour un extrait en bas de page..
Jun 12, 2015

The Studio Drums

We are happy to introduce Live Acoustic Drums to the studio.
Based on a 90's Sonor Force 9ply German Poplar Kit with custom cymbals:
  • 20" Meinl Byzance Dark Ride
  • 20" Paiste 101 Ride
  • 16" Paiste Full Crash
  • 18" Paiste 1960s 602 Formula Crash
  • 14" Paiste 505 Green Series Top Hi-Hats
  • 16" Ufip Chinese 
  • 8" Meinl Byzance Splash
Sabian and extra unknown splashes and crashes
10 Mic Setup to record multitrack sessions.

The Studio Kit


After a great gig in Toulouse, we caught up with 'Grammy Award Nominee', Mr Lee Perry playing with his sidekick Mr Mad Professor for an hour of jamming, chatting and celebrating.
Lee was kind and patient enough to pose with everyone and gave us all a chance to meet him, ask questions and take pictures. What a wonderful and generous Artist.
A special thanks also to Mad P and the Toulouse family.
Record a music video while you perform in the studio or outdoors, our camera setup is now ready to shoot, including a 3-axis stabilisation gimbal and a mobile crane.
Tournez votre session d'enregistrement en qualité cinéma..
Notre nouveau materiel vidéo permet de tourner pendant votre enregistrement au studio et vos concerts.
Un stabilisateur numerique silencieux (steadycam) et un grue de cinéma portable alliés au GH4, le nouvel appareil 4K de Lumix, vous permettent de regarder et controller la caméra sur iPad ou Android grace a une app, et vous prenez le controle du film, et des photos pendant le tournage vidéo de la session. 
While on the road making a movie this summer, we met and discovered some great musicians, among the first bands to cross our path and jam with us was Rio Flores, a duet playing a mixture of South America music and bringing so much joy with them.
They came to the studio to record their first album and shoot their promotional video.  
Hear the result of the session on this page http://rioflores.jimdo.com/musique/

Marina on Accordion

Fin d'un super 'Atelier MAO sur iPad' en partenariat avec le Conseil General et la Mediatheque de Seix en Ariege. 
Merci encore aux organisateurs, au personnel, aux participants et au public venu voir le concert de cloture d'aujourd'hui.
L'Atelier et le Concert en VIDEO (clicker sur HD).
Retrouvez les prochains ateliers sur notre page Facebook.



After 9000kms, our documentary team, Bart Izoard from SoundBringer and Ozgûr Yalcin from the Turkish band Karagünes has brought home a lot of amazing moments to share with you. We are currently editing the film we made during this amazing musical journey across Europe.
Here are some scenes from the movie.
Sercan Gider - Darbuka Performance On İstiklal


A collaboration between two French musicians, lying somewhere between 'The Cure' and 'Etienne Daho' with a touch of 'Pink Floyd', this Boat is bound to glory!

GET 'Maelstrom' (in MP4)

Listen to this and more HERE!

Mar 25, 2014

Kara Günes

In 2013, Artists from Gezi Park in Istanbul inspired the whole country into a fight to save the trees from their park, all which then led to a revolution, a street band at the centre of this story is "Kara Günes", which means "Black Sun".

We worked with them from Istambul to the French region of Ariège to collaborate on the mixes and finally master the album 'Mevsimler Geçti'. Their music is amazing, and you can download some of their music for free on their website - http://www.karagunes.net

After a long wait, we finally recorded the first songs with Milan (lead singer from 'Mawaran') and his band blending a subtle cast of eastern and western flavors and featuring a plethora of acoustic instruments recorded through our mikes and outboard. Needless to say we are very impatient to share the final mixes with you!!

Check the studio page to see a few more photos from this week's session.

To be continued..

On a very ordinary day in Saint-Girons, I had the chance to meet this amazing woman and especially her enchanting voice for a quick recording, go to the Media Player to hear her blessings to the Ariège.

Sainkho Namtchylak came from the little republic of Russia called Tuva, and since 1987, she has brought her own ethnic roots to the worlds of jazz and fusion music, electronic music, such as trance, techno.... She has a unique voice with a range of seven octaves.

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