This song was created on Logic 9 using a mac made by SoundBringer, it was composed and mixed in 5.1 surround sound using Tannoy and Genelec speakers on a Motu Traveller soundcard for a further DVD release and film sound surround mixing.

The Vocal version and a stereo mixdown of the instrumental are currently available in our music shop:

The first 100 people who buy this track will get the surround version sent to them for free!

Jan 2, 2014


We offer music workshops for all ages and levels of experience, either for groups or individuals.

- Discover the tools of Digital Audio

- Creation/Composition

- Learning Recording/Mixing

Platforms: Apple, windows, linux, ipad, android..

Contact us to organise your next workshop or individual training session.

Atelier Seix 2014

See more about our 2013 workshops in this article.





We have organised a series of workshops in partnership with the Conseil General and the Mediathèques in France.

Suite à la première série d'Ateliers d'initiation à la musique sur les outils éléctroniques, voici des créations réalisées par les participants aux ateliers M.A.O sur iPad dans le 09.

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Voici le lien vers l'atelier d'Ax les Themes 


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